Changelog for Blink

This page lists the latest changelog for the released versions of Blink for each platform. Full changelogs are available with the 'Full changelog' links.

Version 4.5.0

September 28th, 2016

  • Fixed crash in OSX 10.12

Version 3.0.0

December 16th, 2016

  • Switched to Qt5
  • Added call transfer
  • Fixed Google Contacts
  • Many UI tweaks and improvements

Version 2.0.0

March 8th, 2016

  • Use identity check for marker
  • Use defaultweakobjectmap from python-application
  • Multiple internal code improvements/cleanups and PEP-8 compliance fixes
  • Open stdout/stderr in unbuffered mode when frozen
  • Enhanced detection of the application resources directory
  • Fixed file transfer status if not answer is received
  • Don't rely on a failed transfer reason being set
  • Simplified update_ringtone logic and made it more readable
  • Show/hide stream icons in a single place in the code
  • Automated incoming dialog slot allocation
  • Simplified updating ringtones on session state changes
  • Added new notification when a blink session is created
  • Improved tracking of blink sessions from the session manager
  • Refactored BlinkSession inheritance and event signaling
  • Post the session creation notifications after instantiation only
  • Fixed file transfer indicator minimum width
  • Fixed condition for outgoing file transfers
  • Fixed race condition in the automatic ZRTP SAS validation
  • Fixed spurious ringtone delay in certain cases
  • Do not allow dialing contacts without URIs
  • Simplified logic of resetting statuses with limited lifetimes
  • Added context attribute to status messages
  • Prevent the status message from shifting left/right when duration changes
  • Added a separate UI file for the dragged audio session
  • Added a finished signal to incoming requests
  • Prevent the dragged audio session widget's content from overflowing
  • Fixed tooltip for reject button
  • Adjusted note text breaking points
  • Implemented call transfer
  • Removed export info from svg files
  • Added icons for modifier keys
  • Fixed conditions tested for displaying transfer status messages
  • Fixed processing of the incoming dialog signals
  • Optimized transfer failure status message for space
  • Removed unnecessary character escaping
  • Reset chat input text formatting between messages
  • Removed Dark style variant from the Smooth Operator theme
  • Synced widget height in code and the UI file
  • Fixed ZRTP widget role properties to be not translatable
  • Adjusted ZRTPWidget colors to be more readable
  • Added encryption and OTR related attributes to ChatStreamInfo
  • Added OTR encryption support for chat
  • Added switch icon
  • Show a modal dialog if the application gets a fatal error and exit
  • Removed copyright and license notices from the top of every source file
  • Fixed potentially uninitialized data variable
  • Added __info__ module
  • Updated docs
  • Fixed error in debian changelog trailing lines
  • Updated debian package dependencies