Reviews from the Mac App Store

Great App

Dylan @ Toronto, Canada

Excellent, reliable SIP Softphone with lots of configurability. Developers are responsive and capable and will help solve any setup / integration issues you have in short order.

Great VOIP solution

Olaf Monien, Deutschland

This is really the best VOIP solution for the MAC (I didn't try it on Windows). Easy to get started with and if it comes to specific configuration details with certain SIP providers it has all the options that may need adjusted.Their support is also outstanding. They got into a VOIP conference with me to find the solution for a weird configuration issue.29 bucks spent well - thanks guys!

Most reliable SIP client

Okev, Ireland

I use this as my main "desk phone" on my Mac after failed attempts with iSoftphone, Zoiper, Telephone and others. Generally, most softphones are great with outbound calls, but Blink Pro wins on incoming call "uptime". Uptime for me is a combination of registration, stay-alives, non-dropped calls and other operations that keeps the phone ready to ring and keeps the call active. This is important to me since I have to rely on this for important incoming calls. Compared to the competition, it scores about 98% uptime compared to about 80% for the next-best. In-call handling is fine. The multi-way calling is great, but hold is a little flaky. The UI is overall quite clunky compared to others - for example, the history view needs a little too much interpretation, there's no "redial" and there's no simple hotkey for "quick, dial me a number". The call quality, stats, logging and "uptime" more than compensate. It's early days for the product, but is getting consistently better. Try with the Lite version to be sure it's to your liking.

This is the Ferrari in VoIP applications.

Dr Who., Nederland

If you are looking for a solid feature rich and professional VoIP app this is it!This app has a lot of great features like, call recording, multiple accounts, Address Book integration. History viewer for incoming, outgoing, missed calls and recordings. Easily show calls and call recordings for a specific contact. Blink Pro is the VoIP app for OS X that has it all.Blink also has need features like: “Switch to new audio device when plugged-in” which make using Blink hassle free. I am now using Blink Pro for a few weeks and I never look back to all the other VoIP apps I used for my Mac. True Blink Pro isn’t free, you have to pay for it. But it’s worth it. What makes it even better is that Blink Pro is under active development and developed by some of the greatest VoIP experts out there. They are responding very well to my e-mails and have integrated some suggestions I gave. The new version was in the app store in a matter if weeks. So if you are growing tiered of al those cheap, but not well integrated and feature lacking VoIP apps out there, it’s time to invest so money and switch to Blink Pro! One of the best VoIP apps I ever encountered.

Intuitive, featureful SIP client

JensJorgensen, Singapore

I've used the free Blink for quite some time when I started using a Mac. I don't use it heavily, but have found it to be a reliable and easy-to-use SIP client that has nice features. I've used it with a few different SIP providers and never had a problem getting it configured and making calls. I especially like the quick audio device selection switch. This is a feature many calling apps leave out. Sometimes I want to use a headset and it's nice to be able to plug in the headset and quickly select it as my audio device without digging down through tons of menus. Nice!Blink also seems to work reliably via NAT which is kind of a critical function because seriously, who has a laptop/desktop on the net with a public IP? Okay, a laptop/desktop with a public IP that *isn't* controlled by all sorts of malware etc. ;-) I paid about $50 for another SIP client which shall remain unnamed and could *never* get it to work /and/ this package is supposed to be a robust, "professional" package. Try Blink!

Very good sound quality and iCloud support also!

Björn Holmgren, Sweden

I have tested several SIP client and I think Blink have the best sound quality. The free version is good for testing, and is fully possible to use if you dont call that much. But Pro version gives so much more, and is one of the best SIP clients I would say.I asked for iCloud support a month ago, and it was implemented only 3 weeks later! That was impressive, Its the first client I know that have this support. This means, you never have to configure your SIP accounts twice. Just once, and you have it with you through the iCloud everywhere where you sign in. This is the way of future, iCloud support and App Store, which gives the user applications that never need manual maintenance and configuration.

VoIP client (and more) on the Mac? Look no further.

Anders Rayner-Karlsson, Sweden

This is an application that continuously over-deliver, whether in features, ease of configurability, solidity in heavy use and also in responsiveness of its developers. I use Blink Pro daily and am very happy with it, whether for short calls for either business or privately, or for long conference calls or calls to relatives living afar. Sound quality I have been told is better than regular phone as I can be heard better when I am using Blink than when using a normal handset.Five out of five, and considering how much I use it, a well worth investment, and I've not yet started to tap all of its features either.

Great SIP client

Yzrelb, United States

We use Blink Pro as the primary soft phone for our call center and we love it. The interface is very "Mac" and intuitive to use and doesn't get in your way. It has all the features you would expect of a professional SIP client and maybe some you wouldn't! Multiple calls, transfers, and conferences are all handled elegantly and smoothly. It worked out of the box with our existing SIP server, and the free service is also a great perk.The developers are very responsive both on the mailing list and with direct support questions. I have seen both bug fixes and new features added to the program as the result of user requests, and updates are made available quickly and regularly. Two relatively new features I really like are the speech announcement of incoming calls and the ability to save post-dial sequences (ie touch tone menu navigation) with contacts.

Best Mac Softphone.

Mjsouth, United States

I have tried every SIP phone available. This app is seriously powerfull, and not complicated like other apps. The drag and drop feature for transfering and conferencing is seriously cool, an much more effiecient.I had a feature request upon purchasing, and when I emailed their customer support, they had responded within 12 hours.Integrated with our company's Asterisk system perfectly. Address book integration was excellent.I only wished they would have had a free version for trial purposes. I took the leap, and was glad I did.

Great SIP software, possibly the best I've used

Nerdhappy, United States

I'ved tried lots of SIP softphones and I've stuck with Blink. I rarely have problems, and usually I trace it back to my VOIP provider. I love being able to have multiple profiles. Google Voice addition would be great. The only issue I've had has been a recurring problem with echo noise cancellation. Other than that, great stuff!

Well Executed SIP Phone


Downloaded, installed, and registered SIP phone in less than 2 min. Very easy to use and easy to integrated with your Asterisk system. There is a good integration with the contacts in OSXThe only thing on my wishlist is setting up a way to have a preset dialing prefix when using the contacts address book. My phone system requires a +9 or a +91 <phone number> .

Wow. The best SIP client for OSX. And a very helpful support!

InonP, United States

I've checked most SIP clients for OSX. Free or not. They all have some problems, missing features, etc. But not this one. Blink pro is a great SIP client. Takes all the others hands down.I had a small issue with caller ID on incoming calls. The developer responded to my ticket very fast and sent me a fix.I was very impressed with the app and the support.

New Echo Cancellation works great

Peppernicus, United States

On both a new 17" MBP, and a 2009 model with the microphone up by the camera, I can sit in con calls without having to toggle mute on and off any more! Great work, and works great with the PBX in a Flash distro as well as an old trixbox install.

Best Softphone for OSX - Period

Astravoice, United States

I am a voip enthusiast and professional consultant specializing in open-standards SIP (voip) solutions for businesses. Since its inception in 2010 I have been a blink user. The blink soft phone is the absolute best soft phone available for OSX period. First order of importance easy-to-use; in terms of usability; its is fantastic. It integrates well with your existing mac contacts; You do not need to be a SIP expert or even have to know what SIP is to use this phone. There are some interesting nuances about this phone you wont find in any other soft phone such as the lack of a dial pad. This unique approach takes a little getting used to but once you are familiar improves your productivity. Its elegant and lacks clumsy features found in your typical soft phone.I recently upgraded to the professional version which included some essential functionality that I felt I needed. Features like call transfer. In blink lite call transfer is not available but mostly everything else is. I have not really investigated the exact differences in the two products that will be left up to you; but for my needs this soft phone is absolutly the best. Important must have features inlcuded in both versions are HD voice - high definition g722 outstanding voice quality; Call-Transfer - available only in blink pro important if you need to send a call to your office mate; Chat - both versions offer SIP chat as well as some other advanced chat features if you use the service provided; Usability - sleek elegant design. Standards-Compliant - works well with most if not all softswitches. Also important to mention that the customer support is really great when it comes to fixing bugs.Highly recommend trying even the lite version and upgrading as your needs change.Thanks for a great product.

Excellent sip client

Pablo Lluviera, Uruguay

Very easy to use.Good quality voice.