Alert Panel

Incoming session requests bring up the Alert Panel. Click on the Accept Button or press Enter to accept a session request. There are three options for refusing an incoming session request:

  • Click on the Reject button. The session is rejected with SIP response code 603 and all other SIP devices registered for the same account stop ringing. Forwarding to voicemail or other destinations, when available in the SIP server is also cancelled. You must use this option to terminate all call processing associated with the request.
  • Click on the Busy button. Blink sends a 486 code back to the caller and stops ringing, other SIP devices keep ringing and forwarding to other destinations remains active as set in the SIP server. You must use this option when you want to pick up the call at a different location or allow the Server to perform other pre-configured routing decisions.
  • Press the Escape key. Blink stops ringing and does nothing else with regards to SIP signaling. Use this option when you do not want to take any decission about the call but you do not want to be disturbed by the ring tone either.

The currently selected input and output audio devices are showed for incoming audio session requests.

In addition to the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above, standard keyboard navigation is available by pressing the Tab / Shift+Tab keys to navigate between the panel buttons and by pressing Space to activate the focused button.